Former Fulbright Scholar, The University of Chicago

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I'm no longer working at tech companies. I'm now #SavvyIndie.

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W4RNER is how Laurence Warner signs off on (the decreasing amount of) code he writes. He received a M.A. in Computation from U Chicago on a UK Fulbright Award in 2019. He was the host of "net:work? A Fulbrighter Conversation" and was one of the authors of the nationwide expansion of Shortcut Mobile Inc. Recently, he has been working on an integration of Feed Readers into Social Media by extending the XML language to include Social RSS Metadata. His areas of interest include interactive 3D graphics and user interfaces.

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Real Life

Onward to the first person. My real life interests include

Finally, MC Beastly at the Silverlake is one of the greatest comic strips in the universe. (The other is Hothead Paisan.)

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L. Warner
Office 33459, PO Box 6945
London, W1A 6US
BURNER: 🇬🇧 7480 068523
Fax: 🤷‍♂️  explain over a Zoom?
Email: replace 4. with @ in this domain to "warner me" (encryptable via ProtonMail)

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