Fulbright Award Recipient 2017-9

Master's Project:

"Smartphone Dependence"

from three perspectives:

Laurence (w4rner) Warner aka Cerulean explored the idea of Smartphone Dependence from research, practical & artistic perspectives 2017-9 as part of his Fulbright-funded Master’s research. The inquiry was motivated by a technologist provoking him that “Taking away a smartphone is like cutting off an arm. We are already bionic.”
As his tech handle provocatively suggests, w4rner is fascinated by the opportunity represented by integrating technology into our daily lives, in particular through consumer-friendly AI; and yet, drawing upon his adolescent struggles through tech addiction, his belief that the success of our youth will depend upon their ability to master their tech.


Master's Thesis
for MA in Computational Social Science @ U Chicago

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Lightning talk @ tech conference
w4rner & his collaborator, AI expert BhargavVader, explain the research:


First Week Flip Phone: the Smartphone Detox Challenge

Social New Venture Challenge
U Chicago Student Showcase about leading Team FlipPh.one into the Social New Venture Challenge.

Flip Phone Diaries” Podcast
Hear the November special edition from the Fulbright Conference which was picked up by U Chicago Podcasts (UC3P)

net:work? A Fulbrighter Conversation
I applied my research to help Fulbrighters curate a better social media space for the community.


(main future focus)
Exploring our bionic (present and) future through art as Cerulean.
"Snowflakes in SoCal!"
Musical about a near-future in which Human-Computer Interaction has become ever more immersive in the form of highly realistic VR eye patches.

“A crucial question of our time: Why has our inner life become so impoverished and empty, and why has our outer life become so exorbitant, and in its subjective satisfactions even more empty? Why have we become technological gods and moral devils, scientific supermen and aesthetic idiots - idiots, that is, primarily in the Greek sense of being wholly private persons, incapable of communicating with each other or understanding each other.” - L. Mumford ('Art and Technics', 1952)

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