Ninety Five

An HTML webpage from before the dawn of CSS & JS

The original Silicon Valley template for the web..

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If you wanted to be part of the invention of a lifetime, Stanford in 1991 was the right place and right time. Given the gender skew in the university CS dept, Tamara Munzner might have been one of the first females to publish a personal website, but to this unassuming data visualiser who'd go on to a successful academic career in Silicon Valley and beyond, it was no big deal and "we just called them home pages". So she told me during my Master's when she gave me her blessing to publish a homage to her website, last modified in 1995 - the birth year of myself and, following hot on CSS's infant heels, JS the thing that would really move the web forward to the potent interactive wonderland we know today - under Creative Commons. This licenses other young people to build on this template and get started exploring - without the complexity and ethical muddle of modern frameworks - the possibilities of creating on the web by simply modifying HTML content and adding styles and scripts to enhance it.


Some creative interpretations:

Real Life

Remember you ain't the first person to make a webpage. Start from this template:

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