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Enter Climate: bringing alive our future onstage (15m video available on request)
OxCAN Conference 5/23

From Digital Divide to Digital Wellness
SBCC Summit 2022, Marrakesh, 12/22
with Abhishek Pandit

Micro.blog Mothership for your #SavvyIndie Creative Journey
Micro.Camp, 8/21

Get #SavvyIndie: forging a Creative Career in Extremely Online times (3m trailer)
Oxford Royale Academy, 7/21

AirTable for artists (as artist-name at time Cerulean)
Off the Record interview with Chris Dancy, 6/21

Vlog Reviews of 3 Apple Events 20

net:work? A Fulbrighter Conversation
FulbrighterNetwork.com, 1-6/20
Interviewed Fulbright scholar guests

NLRP (5m highlights. PW: pydata)
PyData: London 7/19 + NYC 11/19
Interactive tech workshop

Smartphone Dependence
PyData London, 7/19
5-min Lightning Talk with bhargavvader
similar @ 3 Minute Thesis, University of Chicago, 3/19

Life without a Smartphone in 2018
Fulbright Association Conference, Puebla, Mexico 11/18
Recorded with Natalie Rose Johnston for Flip Phone Diaries podcast

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