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ABCD-compliant adj.
4-letter acronyms which force techy folk to do something which should be easy: treat humans with basic respect.
e.g. GDPR, DCIA, PECR & CCPA (not to be confused with CCCP, which failed to).

catphishing v.
Scammers going deeper on their fakery, eg copying social media profiles.
Portmanteau of 'catfish' and 'phishing'.
First used in https://wa.rner.me/2022/01/13/beware-catphishing-on.html
previously coined 2015: https://www.iacpcybercenter.org/catphishing/

critTLD n.
a critical TLD: a TLD which is itself a critical or negative word.

crypto gratia crypt (L)
Latin motto for cryptocurrency speculators.
Where ‘ars gratia artis’ meant art for art’s sake, it means: “Crypto for the sake of burial”, burial as in:
a) hoarding
b) human climate extinction which this accelerates

texperiment n.
A minimalist method of trialling technology, where you use a product intensely for a set period - usually 7 days - and then immediately take it away for the same period, in order to gain perspective on whether you truly want to incorporate the product into your life long-term.
Portmanteau of 'tech' and 'experiment'.
e.g. Only using the first half of a 14-day trial so you can make a better judgement when it actually comes time to sign up yearly. Or FirstWeek FlipPhone, where you go without a smartphone (i.e. an infinite bundle of products) for 7 days in order to figure out which functions to use long-term.

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