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ABCD-compliant adj.
ABCD stands for those 4-letter acronyms which force techy folk to treat humans with basic respect.
Examples: GDPR, DCIA, PECR & CCPA (not to be confused with CCCP, which failed to).

texperiment n.
A minimalist method of trialling technology, where you use a product intensely for a set period - usually 7 days - and then immediately take it away for the same period, in order to gain perspective on whether you truly want to incorporate the product into your life long-term.
Examples: Only using the first half of a 14-day trial so you can make a better judgement when it actually comes time to sign up yearly.
Origin: inspired by FirstWeek FlipPh.one, where you go without a smartphone (essentially an infinite bundle of products) for 7 days in order to figure out which functions to use long-term.
Etymology: a smash of 'tech' and 'experiment'.

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